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SEKC Clubhouse

May 12, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Before the meeting, Mert Kramer gave an overview on publicity opportunities for the club. He also announced that the club has joined the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was then called to order by President Paula Spielman.

There was a motion by Dave Nilsen to approve the minutes and a second by Mert Kramer. Motion carried.

Officer/Committee Reports


  • Paula mentioned that the club has donated $200 to Dr. Dobbs’ foundation in appreciation for her video presentation at the April meeting.
  • Dee Isakson has taken over the Sunshine Committee.
  • Paula announced that Megan Fields has resigned from the board. Mert Kramer has been appointed by the board to complete Megan’s term.


  • Kris reported that she is looking at different ideas for meetings. She would like to hold a meeting at Big Paws, probably in September or November.
  • Kris announced that she needs someone to take over coordinating the picnic. Jackie Potter volunteered. Meat will be provided by the club. Members will need to bring salads, desserts, chips, buns, etc.

Secretary’s Report

  • First readings were held for Constance Schaub and Bridget Meidinger.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dee presented the Treasurer’s report. She announced that we made the last payment for our puppy. We show a loss so far for the year, but for the month we made $191.  

Old Business


  • Beginning June 1, Monday night will be puppy class & fundamentals; Tuesday will be conformation; Wednesday will be agility and Thursday will be rally.

Summer Obedience Trial

  • Brian mentioned that he still needs someone to be in charge of hospitality for the trial.

Agility Trial

  • Arrangements for the trial are coming along, but they need helpers.

Fall Show

  • Everything is in hand. We will be working to get more community involvement in the Halloween parade on Saturday.

Obedience Seminar

  • Seventeen working spots are filled and two auditing spots are filled.

Dog Park Task Force

  • Dave Nilsen gave an update on the task force. They’re looking at possibly adding agility equipment to give the dogs something to do. If anyone has any other suggestions, Dave asked them to contact him.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

Submitted by Cindy Bailey, Secretary