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OFA Health Clinic - Dr. Brandon Sinn DVM

October 29; 10am-5pm

Pricing for those who pre-register by October 21st:

$100.00 Hip Radiograph

$100.00 Elbow Radiograph Set

$100.00 Trachea Radiograph

$25.00 Luxating Patella Exam

$25.00 Basic Cardiac Exam

$25.00/owner to email or burn a CD of radiograph images of you dog taken at the clinic

$10.00/dog/test late fee

***Other radiograph and soft tissue exams can be done on case by case basis***

You can see the radiographs on the 45” TV inside the camper. You can take a photo of the radiograph for free during the exam.

To reserve your spots, please complete the following EACH dog you would like to test.

1. Fill the desired OFA test application(s) hip/elbows(one form), Legg-Cathe,Perthes, basic cardiac, patella ,trachea, spine, etc and mail/email me the form(s). I will print the forms and have them with me for your reservation. You can leave the veterinarian information blank and I will fill that out or you can fill out the forms on the OFA website. If you use Brandon’s phone number 785-541-0869, the website will pre-populate his information

into your PDF downloadable form. Find the correct forms at: 

For any forms that are not sent to be before October 21st, 2022, a $10.00/dog late fee will be assessed. Our clinics go smoother when

we have your dogs already in our system.

2. Send in a $25.00/dog deposit. This $25.00 will be applied to your final bill but is non-refundable if you decide to cancel/no show on the day of. It can be paid by:

a. Mailing check/money order to : Dr. Brandon SINN, 55854 703rd Road, Mahaska, KS 66955

b. Running your credit card through out Square account(small processing fee).

c. PayPal to [email protected] do friends and family to avoid fee

d. Venmo to @Brandon-Sinn

By doing all the paperwork before the event, we can have you and your animals’ information

already in our computer! This makes the reservation go smoother and quicker.

Please potty your dog prior to showing up for your appointment! It makes our life way easier!

Thank You and Hope to See You There,

Dr. Brandon Sinn and Audrey Sinn

Questions please call Audrey at 785-410-6149